The Times When It Is OK To Give Up

Give up on the negative things you tell yourself. Do not kick your own ass. If you ever think about beating yourself up, the world will always be ready to give you the boxing gloves to do so.

Give up on other people’s validation as your own validation is the only thing that matters.

Give up on your fear of greatness. Your greatness is measured between you and you.

Give up on laziness. Laziness is a lack of discipline. A lack of discipline creates a lack of self-confidence. You cannot be confident in any area of your life without being disciplined in that area.

Give up on taking everyone’s advice including mine. There is countless information on the internet but you must determine what information serves you best. If the information I put forth does not suit you, that is perfectly fine.

Give up on giving up. Giving up occurs when the wall is seen without looking at the bricks. One brick at a time. One step at a time.

Give up on comparing yourselves to others. The energy you are giving to others is sapping the energy you need to create your own path.

Give up on negative ass people. These are the time wasters, the energy consumers, the gossipers, the triggers, the useless conversations, the ones who cannot teach you anything, the “serious talk” avoiders. I think we all know at least one in our lives. Avoid these people as they do not value their own time, so it is unlikely that they will value your time.

Give up on wasting time. There’s not much of it.

Give up on hating others. The hate you give to others subtracts the love you could give to yourself and to the people who deserve it.

Give up on responding to other people’s negative comments. Every knock on the door does not need to be answered.

Give up on being “in the know” all the time. Information will always be there. But this moment is here only once, so being mindful of your time is essential.

Give up on collecting possessions. Possessions are a temporary filler of a void that only you can heal internally. More possessions will not heal you in the long run.

Give up on who you are not. Who you are is a lot more amazing, worthwhile, grand, spectacular, and unique than who you are not.


Photo Credit: “Giving Up”, Thuc Nguyen. The Medium. 2018.

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