Sometimes, You Have to Laugh Shit Off

Please note that there are many references to “shit” in this post. You’ve been warned.

A few years ago, I was offered a job interview in Atlanta, Georgia. I was excited about the interview but also relieved that I finally received a call. I just wanted to get this interview done, as it was the most drawn-out application process I’d ever experienced!

As soon as I received the good news, I bought a “cheap-ass” roundtrip ticket to Atlanta through Spirit Airlines and booked a room in some “shitty” house through Airbnb. Prior to the interview day, I researched and printed the most commonly asked interview questions and taped them to my bedroom wall. I practiced my responses for two weeks and felt confident in my preparation. The day before the flight, I packed all the interview essentials: suit, tie, handkerchief, shoes….aka everything I got from the one day Macy’s sale.

I arrived in Atlanta the day before the interview feeling ecstatic. The morning of the interview, I dawned my grey charcoal suit, knotted my Brooks Brothers tie, and shined my Florsheim wingtips. I hopped in my overly lavish Uber ride to the interview location and recited my interview answers. Despite the weeks of practice, I still felt like “shitting” my pants but I decided to spare the Uber driver ;).

I arrived early and had time to spare so I took a stroll to explore the happenings of downtown Atlanta. Twenty minutes into my exploration, I walked into a Marriot to use the restroom. Lo and behold, there was birdshit all over my handkerchief and front pocket! A bird took a “dump” and it literally landed on my handkerchief and front pocket! All at once, I was pissed that something like this happened right before an interview and amazed at the bird’s accuracy. I started to panic because I had my interview in fifteen minutes so I vigorously scrubbed the front pocket and handkerchief. After five minutes of continuous effort, I was able to get it off and then rushed up the street to my interview!

I left the interview not feeling too optimistic about the company nor about my interview performance. I was beyond frustrated by the fact that I spent over five-hundred dollars on the flight, lodging, and transportation costs (overall, I spent $100 on Uber rides) and had such a poor interaction with the company’s staff. Additionally, I practiced for weeks for the interview and researched the company, but left their office without an ounce of optimism. Overall, I had many reasons to be angry after the interview.

As I was leaving the company’s office, the first thing that caught my eye was a flock of birds posted in front of the building and I immediately burst out laughing. At that moment, my frustration disappeared and I remembered how I was so stressed throughout the process. Despite being “shitted” on before the interview, I was able to laugh at the incident afterward.

The lesson I learned was that sometimes it’s best to laugh “shit” off rather than sulking about “crappy” events. Though I walked it off, best believe I was avoiding every perched bird I saw.



Photo Credit: “Untouchable”, Pusha T.

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