“The Blank Canvas”

A blank canvas was created for artists to display their talent to the world around them. A canvas shows creativity, design, and patterns with the deepest emotions and thoughts of the artist. The canvas shows the artist’s decisions and their ability to channel the energy within and formalize that energy into unique masterpieces that represent them. The artist is influenced by others, but the canvas does not allow for replication as it is a mirror that can reflect only you. Uniqueness is not centered on replication and the canvas is yours and no one else’s.

Each of us is an artist in our own lives and each day we are presented with a blank canvas. This blank canvas has been tailor-made for each person and no one can duplicate the artist or the blank canvas. Life’s blank canvas represents the day and you as the artist are responsible for determining the finish of this canvas, i.e. the day. You paint this canvas with the decisions you make every day. At the end of the day, you want to make sure you have a masterpiece by making better decisions in your life in areas of health, finances, relationships, goal setting and achieving goals, and in all other aspects of your life.

The blank canvas is also about forgiveness; forgiving oneself. Whether you see a masterpiece or not, each day you are presented with a new, fresh canvas that is waiting just for you. As an artist, each day will not be full of color, but recognize that you can change that by first forgiving yourself. Lastly, the blank canvas allows for reflective optimism. When faced with a “stroke” of misfortune, by reflecting on the positives throughout the day you will see the lesson in this misfortune and as an artist, you will adjust and find meaning in each “stroke”.

Living a good and proud life is an art and The Blank Canvas Project is focused on helping others achieve their life masterpieces by providing insightful, practical, and empowering content focused on positive and healthy living. Each one of us is an artist that lives a blank canvas each day. By making more purposeful and passion-driven decisions in all areas of our lives, you will develop your masterpiece. A masterpiece that is unique to you. You are the artist. This is your canvas and right now at this very moment, you can start creating your masterpiece.



Photo Credit: “What to do With a Blank Canvas”, http://misswhit-tany.blogspot.com.

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