“Stop Creating Negative Movies in Your Head”

Have you ever caught yourself creating stories in your head of what may happen in the future? While this self-created movie plays in your head, your anger or anxiety increases causing you to tense your upper back, fists, or jaw bone. Maybe it’s a boss that you don’t agree with saying something to you, someone cutting you off in traffic, or an argument that you foresee. Working yourself to a point of frustration, you are actually living in the future that does not exist because it simply has not occurred. It’s simply a movie playing in your head starring you and the antagonist being everyone. 

It is dangerous to imagine or replay these images in your head as it increases your stress levels, which also increases your blood pressure making you more susceptible to heart disease, heart attacks, and strokes. Many times, you can feel the immediate effects of this self-created stress in your upper shoulders and lower back as well as it prevents you from sleeping. Self-created movies of the future playing in our head non-stop will not lead to a happy ending. Rather, you are allowing the future to control the present moment and this story you’ve created is now manifesting itself into a reality that is causing stress.

There is a multitude of methods that will help you re-center on the present moment, stop these movies from playing within your head, and let go of the stress you are creating. I am going to share one simple technique that helped me re-center my mind in these moments. The easy and effective technique that helped me was by simply telling myself “STOP! You are creating stories in your head and you’re getting upset over things that have not happened.” This simple but honest technique allowed me to reflect on how I was creating my own worries and stress which led to intense anxiety about an issue that has not or may not even occur. Another reminder I had to tell myself is to not bullshit myself and take ownership of my stress in these matters because I would amp myself over the possibility of unfavorable things happening.

This technique allowed me to take control of my mind, my stress levels, and ultimately myself. By controlling my mind and letting go of “what may happen” or those “they better not” moments and scenarios, I was able to breathe, relax, and let go of ownership of other people’s issues, worries, and stupidity. Take back your mind by stopping the negative movies run in your head. Do not let them manifest because they are a waste of valuable energy, time,….. and film.


Photo Credit: “Vintage Hollywood Movie Camera”, Shuttershock.com

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