It All Flows

While sitting at the edge of a lake I bathed in the silence of the forest. My eyes gazed out to the calming waters before me. Every aspect of the forest was in a serene and tranquil state, granting me a sense of inner calmness. There was a sense of completeness within everything.

As I remembered as a kid skipping stones across the water, I grabbed a smooth but exiguous sized rock from the ground and slung it across the lake. The rock bounced across the water leaving liquid craters on the lake’s surface.

I relished in moments of self-gratification, “Oh yeah! Look at that one. Still got it.” With this new sense of satisfaction, I then picked up a few more stones and fired them away into the lake like an artillery gun. I seized another stone and gently threw it into the lake. Small and then large ripples shot out from the rock’s point of entry. They expanded to farther parts of the lake, but after a minute the ripples returned to its calm state.

Initially, the water was disrupted by the stone, but the water eventually absorbed the stone’s impact allowing it to sink to the bottom of the lake. The lake returned to the calm state as it once was before the entry of the stone. The water continued to flow despite the disruption. It was as if there wasn’t any stone thrown into the lake at all. Even if I threw a boulder or any size rock into the lake, the water would first ripple out for a few moments but would return to its calm state.

Water has a personality. Water simply abides by the laws in which it has been given. It does not try to control anything but rather adapts. It accepts the blow and then enfolds it. By not resisting, it eases the impact of all things which enter it.

It is always flowing.







Photo Credit: Artida. “Waves, crystal clear water ripples on white background, abstract illustration, animation, 30fps, HD1080, seamless loop.” 2019.

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