Self-Discipline Breeds Self-Confidence

Discipline breeds confidence.

Self-confidence is not gained through osmosis. Earned confidence cannot be given and it cannot be taken from someone who appears confident. Earned confidence means that you cannot clasp onto someone else’s confidence and use this confidence for yourself. False confidence quickly fades as it is not earned. It is merely mimicked. It is idolized. It is stolen.

Self-confidence is gained only through self-discipline. Self-discipline is the adherence to a set of habits, principles, and actions to accomplish a desired goal. Self-discipline is not negative. In today’s society, any ounce of self-discipline is ridiculed, mocked, and people will launch every method at you to see you break. Society values what they call a “free-spirit”, which is someone who doesn’t take life seriously and “relaxes.” You will hear them say “don’t take life too seriously.” I never understood that phrase as a life not taken seriously is a life squandered. It is a docile approach to life. By being undisciplined, you imprison yourself in a cage of desires and temporary moments of satisfaction leaving your life unmanageable.

Self-discipline keeps you focused on the task at hand. Self-discipline keeps you free from society’s encroaching voice of mediocrity. While society’s morals and ethical values replicate a landslide, your discipline keeps you grounded. 

Self-confidence is based on a focused effort towards a valued goal. You must create a vision that inspires self-discipline. To become confident you must overcome the limits placed on yourself. To become confident, you must do away with what was commonplace in your life. You must become uncommon. 

Imagine two versions of yourself. One version of yourself is the person that lives the same day each day, is predictable to himself, shuns self-discipline, and only dreams with no action.

The second version of yourself is your ideal self, the uncommon man or woman. This is the person who embodies success, takes action, and is self-discipline. This is a person you respect. In order to become this person, you must take uncommon action. If it is common for you to stay up late watching TV, you now must be uncommon and go to bed at a scheduled time. If it is common for you to spend money on unnecessary items, then you must be uncommon and analyze why you feel the need to spend your hard earned money and rather save and invest your money instead. If it is common for you to gorge on unhealthy food at lunch, you must now be uncommon and pack salads, fruits, and nuts for lunch everyday. You must take uncommon action in your life to become the best version of yourself.

You are now making a choice to become the person you respect. You are deciding to become the best version of yourself. You are choosing confidence by being self-disciplined. You are winning at life. Your confidence will soar because each day, you know you are constantly taking action. This is true confidence because it is thought-out, earned, and nourished.


Be Uncommon. Impress Your Damn Self.










Photo Credit: “Uncover the Uncommon-Stance.” Stance. YouTube. July 10, 2018.










Ignorance is not knowing. The greatest unknowing you can have is not knowing who you are, why you are on Earth, what your vision is, and what your code is. When faced in a situation where you are unfamiliar, you will rely on your ego. You will press forward with a false sense of confidence in a realm.



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