“Today, I Must Outdo Who I Was Yesterday”

There is a competition going on right now at this very moment. This battle has lasted longer than any battle in the entire history of humanity. Millions if not billions of people die every day in this battle. Sometimes the battles are quick and silent and sometimes the battles are monstrous and drawn out. This battle is between you and you; your greatest ally but also your greatest competition. Right now, you can choose to win this battle.

Imagine there is no one else in the world but you and you’re in a field naked with the Sun shining upon you. In that field, you are facing God and you and Him have a conversation about your life. What would you like to tell God? At that moment, what would be the most important things you could say about yourself and the life you lived? What do you think He would ask you? Would the opinions of others pop up or matter to the Creator? Would you want to only talk about your lack of action due to fear? Would you want your head to drop to the surface in defeat and shame?

The goal each day is to maul, demolish, destroy, and defeat the person you were yesterday. He or she shouldn’t even come close. Say to yourself, “oh you think that was something yesterday, watch what I do today.” The only competition you have is between yourself and you can never escape from yourself. If you do not like someone, you can avoid them. If you do not want to be in a certain environment, you can leave. But you can never leave yourself so therefore it’s time to get honest with the man/woman in the mirror.

The person you were yesterday is the competitor that is neck and neck with you approaching the 100-meter line in life’s race. He’s pumping his arms and you can feel his sweat jumping off his body onto yours. You can hear him breathing heavy and he wants to win so badly, but you dig down deep into the bottom of your soul and you make it across the finish line first. You raise your arms in victory because you owned the day; you didn’t let the day own you.

The most important factor in defeating the person you were the day before is to create a daily checklist of priorities. Priorities are the areas of your life that must be managed daily. For example, your health (mental, physical, and spiritual), your wealth (budget, financial education, investments, savings), relationship with God, family relationships, self-education (reading and continuous learning), career advancement and skill development, and craft/hobby pursuits. For your priorities, create 1-3 daily habits related to each priority. Using SMART goals, you can create larger goals in each priority. For example, if you want to lose 20 pounds, use the SMART goals method to lay out the details and create and apply the daily habits of walking for 30 minutes, eating salads for lunch, and going to bed at an optimal time.

By focusing on outdoing yourself every day and prioritizing daily habits of success in your life, the opinions of others will be meaningless because you know each day you have goals, a plan to accomplish them, and a vision of who you want to become. No one has a say in any of that but YOU. Every morning, you will wake up with a mission and every night you will go to bed with a mission accomplished.

Plan and take control of your life to become the person you would respect and admire. You owe it to yourself to be the best version of yourself. Impress your damn self by crushing the day! Stay close to God always and be at peace.




Photo Credit: TaleMed. “track, starting line.” https://www.talemed.com/how-it-works/track-starting-line/.


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