Give It Nourishment and It Will Grow

What I have come to understand in my 25 years of life is that God gives all of us gifts. These gifts come in various forms and are all different and unique but nonetheless, we all have God-given gifts which are embedded within us. You are born with gifts inside of you.

A gift (s) is similar to a seed. In order for a seed to blossom, it must be watered every day and given oxygen. A seed is planted in the dirt and concealed and only through continuous effort and attention, the seed penetrates the ground floor and rises, where it meets the shining light above. For example, the Sequoiadendron giganteum (commonly known as the Sequoia Tree) is the largest tree in the world amassing at 52,500 cubic feet (1,487 cubic meters) in volume. Before the tree grew to this large height, it was a tiny seed.

For your seeded gifts to grow, you must nourish them every day with new knowledge and attend to it.  You must also breathe life into your gifts by reaffirming that this tiny seed will one day be a tree. Our journeys in life are to find our gifts and then consistently attend to our greatest treasures. This gives us purpose, direction, and focus in our lives.

It is difficult to find your gifts if you are looking outside of yourself. Your gifts are under the dirt (i.e. the noise inside of ourselves — the comparisons to others, our fears, and our insecurities). You will meet face to face with your gift by clearing out the clutter — worries of others and the need to impress people, sometimes even strangers. 

Do not clothe your gifts in darkness. Your gifts deserve life. What is inside of you, only you can do. Not one person on this Earth can do what you do. Aim to outshine who you were the day before. Impress your damn self! Similar to a seed, your gifts are meant to blossom. 






Photo Credit:  Tentree International. “15 incredible facts about giant sequoia trees.” 2017. Web. 2019.

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