The Light Within You

If you light a candle in a dark room and turn your back towards it you will see your shadow on the wall. The farther you move away from the candle/closer to the wall, the smaller your shadow becomes. If you move closer towards the candle/farther from the wall, your shadow will then magnify to an exponential size.

Even during dark times, there is a light that burns within you. Sometimes we actively feed this fire and sometimes we allow others to dim our brightness. But it is our choice to either gravitate towards and harness our inner light or move farther away from it, allowing it to shrink and dissipate. This burning light within all of us is our dreams that keep us up at night, the aspirations that allow us to persevere through hardships, and the ideas that inspire us to create. As your shadow grew in size when you moved closer to the candle, your dreams and ideas will expand when you continuously groom the fire within you through determined effort and habitual action.

The light of the candle and the shadow are complimentary of each other, but only you can determine the greatness of your own projection. Let your dreams light a fire inside of you which propels you forward to bring light to your world and the world around you. The world is waiting to see you shine.


Photo Credit: The Doors, Light My Fire & The Crystal Ship. 2018.


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