“Earth, Wind, and….Water??”

I must have been out of mind to think that water was somehow boring or something you only drank when you’d worked out or when doing outdoor activities! For so many years, especially in college, I never drank water, whether that was at mealtime, on the weekends, or even when I was working out. My drink of choice was good old-fashioned Sprite. Little did I know I was drinking high fructose corn syrup and sodium benzoate, both of which are processed, unnaturally flavored, linked to obesity and heart disease, and lack all types of necessary nutrients (1). I used to drink up to 8 12 oz. glasses of Sprite a day and the side effects were horrible as this was not conducive to my overloaded schedule in college. After college, I continued to consume Sprite and other sodas, though I could feel the negative side effects of constipation, grogginess, dehydration, and sugar crashes at work and at home. As the old saying goes, “old habits die hard”; it simply was a matter of preference. When the body is reacting negatively to something that you are putting into it, these are essential signs that a change needs to be made and preferences will have to become secondary. Knowing that I need to make a change, I first had to be convinced so I researched the importance of water and below are some of the facts I found:

  1. Water assists in the digestion of foods and the circulation of nutrients in the body (2).
  2. Water clears out the toxins within your body (3).
  3. Water prevents kidney stones (the hardening, buildup of minerals and salts that pass through the urine) (4,5), rheumatoid arthritis (water lubricates the joints from frictioning) (6), and backaches (the spinal core is made up of a large volume of water and dehydration increases back pain) (7).
  4. Water energizes the muscles. The muscles need water to avoid the shriveling of electrolytes in the body (8).
  5. Drinking water offsets dehydration as dehydration increases fatigue, dizziness, and confusion (9).


If possible, I recommend drinking water from a source that has a filter or natural spring water as essential minerals are left in the water and are not processed using chlorine and fluoride which can damage your health. Each day I wake up and drink a 12 oz. glass of cold ice water. I swish the water in my mouth while closing my eyes and imagine the water going throughout each part of my body. The coldness of the water is a shock to my system and immediately gives life back to my body. Soon as I get to work I grab a 60 oz. pitcher of water (5 glasses of water) and I try my best to drink 3 to 4 of those pitchers throughout the 8 to 9-hour workday. This is my routine throughout the week and it allows me to feel rejuvenated and content during the day.

I have used water to combat any negative stress I am facing throughout the day. If at any time, I feel a wave of anxiety and stress I simply take a sip of my water and imagine the water running through my body. This brings me to the present moment and I visualize the water running through my system clearing out the toxins in my body, including the anxiety and stress. I use drinking water to center myself during stressful times in my life, whether at work or at home. It’s a way for me to combat negative energy with positive energy.


Simple Tips for Drinking More Water:

  1. For those coffee lovers out there, with each cup of coffee you drink, have a glass of water with it.
  2. Every time you go on a bathroom break, take a glass of water back to your desk.
  3. If you like the taste of flavored water, you can cut up cucumbers or lemons and place them in your water. These help with skin care and digestion.
  4. Get yourself an insulated steel water bottle as it will keep your water cool for 24 hours.



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Photo Credit: “Water Treatment and Water Disinfection”, Prominent.com

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